Hi sweet friend,

I deeply apologize for being off the grid for awhile with this blog. And here are two reasons why…

I am expecting my first child! Gaaw! Someone pinch me.

Yes, my little baby boy (mini-FU as I call him for now since my husband’s last name is FU) has been snuggling and quickly developing into a very active baby in my tummy for the last seven months.

In the meantime, I have been working diligently on another project that I cannot wait to share with you!

I’m also giving a free download that you’ll find useful.

But first, let me tell you a few things that I learned from my pregnancy…

And how it can also give you a different perspective and even help you with your own health and weight loss journey.


1. Practice Self Love.


I love myself and my body even more now than ever.

Not in a conceited “I’m all that” way, but I now have a deeper respect for this person carrying this baby. I am in awe at the strength, wisdom, and discipline that my body has shown during the course of this pregnancy!

I am more gentle with her.

I listen to her more.

Self love has definitely helped me get through the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy – some I can’t control.

If I had not learned and practiced self love, I would probably find myself curled up in the bathroom many times crying about how my butt/thigh looks.

Or how insignificant I would feel whenever the scale screams out another added pound.

Or how frustrated I would feel when trying on clothes that doesn’t fit anymore.

Or how much slower and winded it takes me to just do a short hike. (when I just completed 4 half marathons last year)

Learning to truly love myself has allowed me to break free from insecurities, negative self talk, fights with the scale, and a lot of miserable yo-yo dieting – something I’ve struggled with in the past.

At my highest weight of 145lbs (in a 5 feet tall frame), I actually feel more confident and happier than ever!

And I appreciate my body and it’s curves more so than I did when I was a size 2 in college.

When you love your self, you also love and care for your body.


2. Ditch the Diet. Instead, Create Healthy Habits. 


I’ve been told by my doctors that pregnancy is not a time to eat a restrictive diet or start any detox regimen.

As a detox consultant, I teach clients how to use whole foods to support the organs that detox and cleanse the body of toxins.

So I continued to eat meals that I share with my clients, which gently detoxes and flood my body with vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants.

That is what an effective and safe detox is all about!

You can download the free gift: 1-Day Beat the Bloat meal plan which are the some of exact meals that I ate during the pregnancy to stay healthy.

I learned to balance my diet by pulling out all the healthy habits that I’ve learned over the years as a health coach.

Habits such as drinking lemon water every morning, green smoothies, mindful eating, food combining and making sure every plate contained a rainbow of food.

I was definitely not prefect by all means. There were random cravings for foods that I normally don’t eat on a daily basis- such as lemon ricotta

pancakes. (We’re talking white flour, dairy, sugar, all in a stack of goodness drizzled with fake syrup)

However, the cravings only came once in a rare blue moon.

To stay balanced I’ve always followed the 80/20 “eating guideline” which meant for the majority

of the time I ate healthy nutrient-dense food and saved the other times for those random cravings.

I wanted to give my baby every possible opportunity to absorb real nutrients, but at the same time allow myself to enjoy some really good food.

By following this guideline, it is much easier to enjoy food and still maintain your weight and health goals. 

At the rate that I’m going, with a pound gained each week, I will probably gain 25 pounds by the end of the term.

I’m happy with that weight since the recommended range to gain during a pregnancy for a person my height is 25-35 lbs.

Please note that the desire to maintain a weight within that range is not due to vanity or obsession with the scale. Instead I wanted to be healthy, feel healthy, avoid gestational diabetes, have an easier birth later,  have an easy and enjoyable pregnancy, and to manage or prevent symptoms.

More importantly, it was a way for me to track how healthy I am and how much nutrients I’m giving my baby.

Creating healthy habits is way more effective than going on diets. This is the core of my health coaching practice and it works!

It sets you up for life, so you can ditch the diet and restrictive eating mentality.


3. Move Your Body in a Fun and Soulful Way


I canceled my 24 Hour Fitness gym membership 4 years ago and have not looked back. However, throughout this pregnancy I tried to stay active by doing exercises that are fun and exhilarating.

You’ll never find me slaving over the treadmill for an hour, but you will find me brisk walking along the trails with my headphones on.

Or practicing pre-natal yoga on the balcony at the hotel during our baby moon in Hawaii.

I learned that in order for my body to feel good, it needs to move. Almost every day. And it has to be enjoyable. 

I learned to view exercise as a part of my self-care and self-love routine, and not something that I have to do.

It’s a non-negotiable.


What Does This Have to Do With You? 


One of my mentors from a wellness retreat, Sarah Jenks, said about her pregnancy, This is what matters.  Come back to your body.  Come back to your family. Come back to life. This is the perfect time. Make space.”

In a nutshell, I created a space in my life for my growing baby and also myself. I wanted to make sure I don’t spiral out of control when my body starts to gain weight and morph into something unfamiliar. I wanted to be able to feel connected with myself and love my body for what its going through.

I knew realistically that I was going to start gaining weight.

But…I still wanted to feel good in my body. I wanted to feel energized and even sexy as I walk around with a belly the size of a cantaloupe (eventually a watermelon).

I knew in order to feel freakin’ awesome I would have to come back to everything I’ve been teaching my clients.

The bottom line is,  many of the healthy habits that I’ve practiced over the years have been paying off.

I feel incredible at 32 weeks and grateful to have had an easy, uncomplicated pregnancy so far.

A lot of the credit is due to the fact that I learned and applied those three concepts.

So that’s why I am super excited to share with you the other thing that’s been baking – a wellness program like no other!

In this program you will learn how to incorporate these 3 strategies in your life – self love, movement, and strategic nutrition. 

I want you to be able to reach your health and fitness goals in the most effective and gentle way as possible.

I want you to be able to feel just as amazing, at any weight AND during any chapter of your life – whether it’s marriage, pregnancy, a break up, etc.


A New Wellness Program Has Been Baking…


inspired wellness


I’ve been spending a lot of time and effort in creating a program like no other that you’ve seen.

A program that encompasses all three of the strategies above – body, mind, and soul – with YOU in mind.

A program that teaches more than just nutrition and food. (because it’s not always just about food)

I’m very grateful to be working with two other amazingly talented coaches, Tif and Heather, who both share the same passion as I do.

Together we want to help women finally come home to their body.

To feel comfortable in their own skin.

Learn to eat the foods that are finally going to help them slim down to their natural weight.

To finally feel good, from inside and out.

To finally feel stronger.

To finally have the energy to work out.

And even have a blast working out! (yes it’s possible to be able to giggle, sweat, and burn calories at the same time)

To finally break through obstacles that have been holding you back from “I can’t” to “Hell yeah I can!”

And finally…to love yourself and your body again.

Because when you love yourself, you will want what’s best for yourself.

Just as I wondered how it’s possible to love someone unconditionally – myself and my baby.

So today I’d like to invite you to check out our Inspired Wellness program here.

Seats are limited so I would hate for you to miss out on this fun adventure!


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Thanks for taking the time to read my extra long announcement today.

As always, feel free to reach out to me here.


xo Kim