Dieting was so much easier back then


When I was in my 20’s losing weight was easy. It was more like a game to me.

In fact I was the queen of fad diets.

Cabbage soup diet, low-fat diet, low-carb diet, raw food diet….you name it.

If I had a Vegas trip planned, I would put myself on the trusted cabbage soup diet. I had amazing willpower too!

Coupled with intense hours on the treadmill and stair masters, I would lose 5-7 pounds in a week.

Then I’d go party like there’s no tomorrow, drown myself in shots and colorful alcoholic drinks, come back and binge on everything I see.

And I’d gain all the weight back. And then some.

As I reached the 30’s mark, the ability to lose weight seemed almost impossible. I applied the same strategy since I pretty much mastered it.

And the number on the scale wouldn’t budge.

Zip. nada.

Sometimes I would even gain more!


So what the heck?!

Will power just won’t cut it anymore. And eating “healthy” foods just isn’t enough.

Ever since I made the decision to change my health and enrolled in the world’s biggest nutrition school (Institute for Integrative Nutrition),

along the way I learned the secret to losing weight naturally, safely, AND KEEPING IT OFF.

More importantly, I did not have to go through torturous periods of starvation or even exercise like a madwoman.

I don’t even have  a membership to the gym!

Who has time to spend 2-3 hours at the gym anyway? I sure don’t, and I’m almost certain you have quite a busy life as well.

To give you the overall picture, I embarked on a journey of holistic health care which includes:

  • Eat real, whole foods
  • Detox/cleanse daily and seasonally
  • Move my body in a FUN way
  • Get quality sleep
  • Love my body
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Balance pH by drinking green juices

In this post today I will focus on the game changer, which is when I learned to detox naturally.

This long-kept secret has been around for centuries!


You’re surrounded by toxins

The more I learn about toxins, the more certain I am that this is the reason why it’s so much harder for me to lose weight in my 30’s.

Toxin is a broad term, but it generally means a poison or chemical that harms your body. And they are everywhere, from pesticides to makeup and cleaning products.

The body is designed to eliminate toxins through our skin, kidneys and liver, but modern times have exposed us to more toxins than we were built to deal with. Our organs cannot catch up and this can lead to weight gain and illness.

So how do these toxins affect weight loss efforts? When toxins enter the body, they’re stored in our fat cells. Remember, fat cells are used to help protect vital organs.

According to Dr Mark Hyman, who found that over 60 studies have shown the link between obesity and chemical toxins. The studies indicated that chemical toxins all affect metabolism by stressing the liver, disrupting thyroid and hormones, and damaging our mitochondria (which is responsible for our energy production).


So what can you do about it?

When we “clean up” the body by clearing out toxins, and nourish it with nutrients and implement a positive lifestyle, the body begins to naturally take shift.

Hormones start to balance themselves.

And the weight naturally falls off.

When you go through a holistic, natural path of healing, it’s like a domino effect.

You don’t just fix one symptom. The body returns to a whole state of balance.

In my upcoming program, the 14 day Renewed Cleanse (a simple clean eating adventure for the busy and driven women) I will teach you how to detox your body every day through real nutritious food.

The program will not be live until next week. However, you can catch a preview by downloading the FREE 3-Day Winter Cleanse.

This is not just any regular cookie-cutter weight loss program either! We don’t even go anywhere near the word “calories.”

There are no pills, shakes, starvation, or quick fixes.

You’re just eating real food and learning secret tips to help your body eliminate the toxins effectively and safely.

I’ve been running detoxes every year, but this winter I have revised and improved it to further serve my clients.

I’ve added bonuses to really help you lose weight with ease.

You can expect:

  • season-specific recipes that are easy to make (and pretty darn delicious!)
  • free online yoga videos to access anywhere
  • cheat sheets to help you meal prep, detox while traveling
  • email support (so you don’t have to do this alone)
  • and more bonuses!

We will dive into the the importance of pH and digestion, reducing inflammation, and most importantly, getting rid of the junk that’s been holding on to your weight.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight or even to gain optimal health and greater energy, then I invite you to explore this adventure with me!

If you any questions, leave a comment on the blog or you can contact me at lettucebehealthy@yahoo.com.

I’d love to hear from you!


xo Kim