One of my clients told me that she doesn’t feel confident and sexy in her own body anymore.

It’s not just about the 10 extra lbs she gained after her second baby, but it’s the bloat and skin issues that’s draining her self esteem.

I’m sure some of us can relate to that feeling. I know I did a few years ago.

If you’ve been feeling a bit blah lately, maybe even congested. Or just plain gloomy…

start upgrading your breakfast!


What’s the secret to looking sultry and sexy?

You have to feel sexy from the inside.

And that means you have to eat some damn real food in the morning. Not bagels or toast.

I’m talking fruits. Lots of fruits.

Pretty looking fruits loaded with anti-oxidants that help reverse aging and protect your skin from falling apart.

Berries are one of the best fruits to eat if you want to slim down and feel fabulous.

I chose raspberries because of the beautiful vibrant color and ability to go mushy really fast. And shades of pink is just sexy, right?

The color alone makes me want to just slip on my four inch heels and strut my stuff like I’m hot shit.


What’s so sexy about chia pudding anyway?

You only need a few beauty ingredients for this recipe: non-dairy milk, chia, and some raspberries. Chia pudding is easy to make which gives you  more time to primp in the morning.

Chia seeds are a source of complete protein, omega 3’s and fiber- which helps keep you regular. And being regular means less bloating and less toxins hanging out in your tummy.

Limiting or eliminating dairy is also a smart beauty strategy since cow’s milk leaves mucous in your body and causes inflammation.  Dairy, in my opinion is one of the worst beauty food! Read this article , or this article, if you want to get more opinions on this topic. Dr Mark Hyman explains it quite well here.

This recipe is a spin off of my original chia pudding recipe that I posted last year.

To make this recipe, I mashed the raspberries with a wooden spoon (any fork or spoon will do) and added them to the chia pudding mixture.

To sweeten the deal, I decided to add coconut flakes. You can either add chopped bananas, or a natural sweetener like maple syrup or raw honey.

Warning: Don’t use Aunt Jemina’s-type maple syrup or the fake honey that are laced with artificial sugar and other nasty stuff.

Remember we’re aiming for real, down-to-earth sexy, not fake stuff!

So, darling, start your day right with sexy foods like this raspberry chia delight and you’ll soon start to feel sexy from the inside to match with how you look on the outside.

Here’s the recipe!




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