Did you know that passion fruits are not only high in vitamin A and vitamin C, but they also contain about 10g of fiber per 1oog fruit?

Dietary insoluble fiber acts as a bulk laxative which helps protect the colon mucous membrane by decreasing exposure time to toxins the colon.

Why is that important?

Less toxins in your body = better functioning body!


I’m absolutely in love with the purple passion vine from my mother’s garden.

I bought her a small plant at a farmer’s market last fall. It stayed dormant over the winter, started to wake up in the Srping, gave birth to some fruits through the summer…

And now during the month of August, the fruits finally turned purple.

Talk about a long wait! It was definitely worth the wait.

Aren’t they gorgeous? I love how they all hang casually from the trellis.




This healthy exotic fruit has a tough purple shell that opens up to a soft membranous sac.

Inside that sac you’ll be delighted to discover a light, orange-colored juice with smaller seeds.

It also has a lovely fragrance to it.

Passion fruits have a unique sweet, but tart flavor.

To eat it, simply cut the fruit lengthwise in half. Take a small spoon and scoop out the juicy pulp.

To mellow out the tartness, I added the passion fruits to my apple and carrot juice.

It’s the perfect combination because apple and carrots, alone are quite sweet.

Try this amazing juice recipe today!

Apple, Carrot and Passion Fruit Juice:

  • 1 Fuji apple
  • 4 carrots
  • 2 passion fruits 
  1. Juice your carrots and apple.
  2. Cut the passion fruits in half, and scoop out the pulp.
  3. Add the pulp, including seeds into your juice. Enjoy with some ice cubes. 

**If you don’t have fresh fruits, you can also add store-bought passion fruit juice. Just make sure there isn’t any added sugar.


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